Thursday, December 2, 2010

Latest News From CHQ
Postmaster’s Cadre – orders have been issued by the directorate vide Memo No.4-17/2008-SPB-II dated 22/11/2010 regarding induction of Postmaster Cadre. It has been decided to introduce a separate cadre of Postmasters comprising the grades mentioned vide Directorates Lr.No.13-2/2010-PE-I dated 03/02/2010. by carving out the posts from existing General Line Posts.
1.The recruitment Rules of the above grades have since been framed and notified vide Memo dated 09/09/2010.
2. Initial constitution of the various Grades of Postmasters shall be done by inviting options/applications from the existing incumbents of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I in Post offices and PS Group, ‘B’.
3. In subsequent years all the vacancies in Postmaster Gr.I shall be filled up through a Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, From amongst PAs with 5 years regular service in the grade
4. All the vacancies in Postmaster Gr. II Posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Postmaster Gr. I with 6 years regular service in the grade (including regular service in LSG, if any).
5. All the vacancies in Postmaster Gr. III posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Postmaster Gr. II with 5 years regular service the grade (including regular service in HSG II, If any).
6. 25% of vacancies in the grade of Sr. Postmaster will be filled up by promotion of Postmaster Gr. III with 2 years of regular service in the grade (including regular service in HSG, I if any) and 75% by Inspector of Posts (IPOs) with 6 years of regular service in the grade on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE).
7. The officials in PS Gr ‘B’ and Senior Postmaster (Gazetted) would be eligible for induction in IPOs, Gr ‘A’ on the basis of a consolidated eligibility list.
Time Line to be followed by all the circles
(i) Date of Issue of Circular calling for the options/applications for appointment as Postmaster Grade I, II and III. - 14.12.2010
(ii) Last date for receipt of options/applications along with bio-data - 15.01.2011
(iii) Completion of scrutiny of applications and obtaining Vigilance Clearance and ACR dossiers. - 31.01.2011
(iv) Submission to Screening Committee. - 10.02.2011
(vi) Submission of the minutes to the appointing authority for approval - 01.03.2011
(vii) Issue of appointment orders - 16.03.2011
Other Issues
1.Revision of FSC – orders are expected to be released this month itself
2.Enhancement of Fixed Monetary compensation revising Rs.24/- as Rs.50/- and Rs.85/- for holiday duty will be released next week
3.UPSC has raised some queries on HSG-I Recruitment Rules which had been clarified. The Revised Recruitment Rules will be issued shortly
4.The file relating to enhancement of OSA has been submitted to J.S. F.A. (Finance) for approval.
5.Direct Recruitment of PA/SAs were completed within couple of days to the extent of around 16000 posts.
6.The preliminary (first) sitting of the Cadre Restructuring committee will be held on 26.11.2010 at 3 PM.
7.Regarding the revision of wages of casual labourers it is informed that the file is being sent to nodel Ministry for approval. It is expected to be cleared by the Nodal ministries within 2-3 weeks. The wages will be revised with effect from 01.01.2006
8.The Department has issued orders vide Memo No.4-4/2009-PCC dated 19/00/2010 clarifying that No casual labourers shall be engaged in the Administrative offices i.e. CO/RO/DO/PAO with effect from 1st December 2010
9.The work of sweepers and scavengers should be combined or the same may be outsourced wherever feasible.
10.Since duties of waterman, watch and ward, gardening, cleaning etc are now part of duties assigned to Multi Tasking staff, the existing practice of engaging casual laborers as waterman, Gardner, watch and ward and any other miscellaneous category shall be dispensed with effect from 1st December 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Minutes of the second Meeting on MACP anomalies held on 15/09/2010 – official minutes issued by DOPT
Minutes of the second meeting of MACP committee held on 15/09/2010 was officially released by the DOPT vide Memo no.11/1/2010-JCA dated 06/10/2010. There is no improvement as expected. The important item that the promotions earned by competitive examinations should not be counted for MACP promotions has not been discussed. The Postal unions have no say in the forum of National Council JCM and this is the major setback we are seeing in the issues like this , OTA rates etc. Since the Federation has been recognized, the delay in finalizing the nomination for the JCM National council from Postal Federations is highly deplorable. However the minutes of the meeting is placed hereunder for the information of the viewers. Please click the below link and down load.
To get the official minutes of 2nd MACP Meeting CLICK HERE
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Scrutiny Committee for reconsideration of Bench mark
As assured in the Departmental council meeting held on 27.8.2010, the department has released orders to constitute a Scrutiny Committee at divisional level for scrutinizing the confidential reports of Postman, Postal assistants, Sorting Assistants for the preceding 5 years. This committee is a onetime exercise only for those who have not been granted MACP due to application of bench mark. The committee should complete the exercise within one month and place before the DPS /PMG who will be the accepting authority. The Full text of the order No 4-7/ (MACPs)/2009-PCC dated 1.9.2010 is scanned and produced hereunder.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sr. Supdt. Of Post Offices, 24/08/2010.
Pune City East Dn.Pune 411037
Sub: - Agenda for discussion of monthly meeting for the month of Aug -2010.Respected Madam,Agenda for discussion in monthly meeting for the month of Aug 2010 is submitted as below.The following representatives of NFPE Group’C’ union will present in the meeting. There relief arrangement may kindly be made in due course
1. Com. Y N Bamble, Divisional Secretary, & SA, PUNE HO.
2. Com. G R Khedkar, Member & OA , Division Office.
3. Com. A S Khedekar, Asstt. Secretary, & SA, PUNE HO.

1.NIBM RD fraud pending work.
Whatever work of verification and investigation in respect of NIBM PO
fraud case. It is brought to your kind notice that whatever investigation work which is related with fraud case for which checking and verification should have got completed by the competent controlling authority only, but should not be got completed from the operative clerical staff.

2.Speednet Dispatch work in software
As per the order received recently to dispatch of speed post articles through speednet software. It is not practically possible as time factor in between speed post dispatch. The margin of which is very short to implement such order one hour at list should be curtailed for the speed post counter. So as dispatch of speed post article can be made through speednet dispatch software practically according to its required actual time.
Since many of sub offices are quite busy with the all kind of transactions and heavy office workload.

3.Log Book of Delivery work.
It is reported and received compliant from the many SPMs from SOs that the
preparation of newly order of log book of delivery report should be stop immediately
because due to already over burden work and shortage of manpower. It is not practically possible for the SPM /Staff to prepare log book and to report Daily/ weekly.

4.Steel rack / almirah/ to provide to Mohammadwadi So.
It is requested that one new steel almirah should be arrange to provide to Mohammadwadi SO for immediately requirement to keep the office record in safety.

5.Supply of computer chairs to S.B. PARK PO
It is highly demanded from working staff and my union members of S.B PARK PO to provide new Computer wheel chairs of good qualities in replacement of old and broken condition chair.
6.Provide hardware of following SOs.
Following urgently requirement for SOs hardware is quite necessary to provide them
Immediately. These are as under.
7.Supply copies of circulars /orders.
It is brought to your kind notice that copy of your litho’s and circulars order is not been received by the Divisional Secretary of our union. Here after is should be ensured to sent copy of each circulars and order (except confidential matter)
It is also requested to provide latest updated copy of divisional gradational list and arrange to send it to the divisional secretary of our union.
8.Attached one LR Postman to Hadapsar SO
It is requested to attach one LR Postman at Hadapsar SO being for heavy delivery office.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Communication of below benchmark grading in ACRs

Sr Supdt Of Post Offices
Pune City East Dn Pune 411030.

Sub: Communication of below benchmark grading in ACRs.

Ref : Your office letter No. PNCE/MACP /CR Corr /10 dated 19.7.2010
R /madam
The remarks “Average “regarding my performance communicated to me vide your office letterNo. PNCE /MACP /CR Corr /10 2010 dated 19.7.2010 is not acceptable to me . My representation against this remark is as under.
As per orders on the subject, the controlling authority is required to review the performance of the official working under him from time to time during the year under review .You have not asses my performance very well and correctly because I have not received a single letter of communication about my performance .I have not received any single warning or caution letter from you during last five years. Therefore your remarks “Average “are nearly on prejudice mind and such remarks are not treated as valid as per the guidelines issued by the ministry of Home Affairs from time to time.
Whenever adverse entry is recorded in any CR of the official he should be given reasonable opportunity to defend his case. Adverse remark can not be noted all of his sudden at the end of the year .It is also further stated in the guideline issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Personnel that the adverse remark should be based on Established facts and not near on suspicion /Personnel opinion.
You have certainly violated the guidelines, therefore I request you to expunge remarks from my CR for the last five years. Your letters asking my representation for the last five years remarks is totally violation of the orders issued by ministry of Affairs and Personnel .As per orders on the subject the “Adverse “remarks to be communicated in the month of April every year .Therefore causing of the explanation is for the adverse entry for the last five years is uncalled for .So I do not accept the remarks communicated to me.

Thanking you yours faithfully

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Filling up of the posts of Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant by Direct Recruitment.

Subject: - Filling up of the posts of Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant by Direct Recruitment.
I am directed to refer to this Department’s letter No 60-16/2009-SPB-1 dt. 12.11.2009 on the above subject and to say that the matter regarding filling up of the posts of Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant pertaining to the years 2009 has been reviewed and it has been decided that the direct recruitment vacancies of the year 2009 and existing as well as firm anticipated vacancies of the year 2010 may be filled up by direct recruitment as per the existing instructions issued vide this Department’s letter No 51-2/2003-SPB-1 dated 10.11.2004. It may please be ensured that the recruitment process is finalized and results declared by 16th December 2010.
2. In order to finalize the recruitment process by the said target date all are requested to ensure that following steps leading to the selection of the candidates are taken/completed not later than the dates indicated against each:
Advertisement/Circulation of vacancies for the years 2009 and 2010 20th August, 2010.
Last date for receipt of the applications 05th October, 2010.
Holding of written examination and completion of computer test November, 2010

Declaration of final result/Select list 16th December, 2010
If any circle so desires it may continue to follow the system of holding the computer test after or before holding the written/aptitude test but it must be ensured that the process of holding of written examination and computer test is completed by 14th November, 2010 and the time limit prescribed for declaration of final result is strictly adhered to.
3. The receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully
Tel No. 23096092

Monday, July 19, 2010

Agenda for discussion of monthly meeting for the month of July -2010

The Sr. Supdt. Of Post Offices,
Pune City East Dn.
Pune 411037

Sub: - Agenda for discussion of monthly meeting for the month of July -2010.

Respected Madam,

Agenda for discussion in monthly meeting for the month of June 2010 is submitted as below.

The following representatives of NFPE Group’C’ union will present in the meeting. There relief arrangement may kindly be made in due course

Old Items:-
No.6, No.7, No.8,No.9,

1. Shortage of Aundh Camp PO:-
There is highly demand of one P.A. at Aundh Camp PO in this regard the SPM completed about non filling one vacant post of P.A. since last month considering heavy and busy office. Aundh Camp PO one SB hand P.A. should be posted immediately to Aundh Camp PO.

2. Fill up long leave vacant post of PCNT PO:-
One post of P.A. should be deputed from Pimpri-Chinchwad areas to PCNT PO immediately to fill up vacant post of Smt. Vaste who is cancer patient on long leave since two month being heavy and busy of this office arrangement of posting of one P.A. is quite necessary.

3. Attached P.A. to Sangvi and Vadgaon Sheri PO:-
As per result of revision case of Sangvi PO and Vadgaon Sheri PO one post of P.A. is justified at these both PO’s however no arrangement of posting of one P.A. to these PO’s. Hence it is suggested and requested that one P.A for fifteen (15) days of busy period of RD/SCSS/SB/MIS work should be deputed from other official at list 15 days till the permanent posting order.

4. Inconvenient deputation of P.A.s:-
Complaints in respect of deputation to inconvenient and long distance from HQ are given to our members causing very inconvenient. To avoid this compliant deputation of officials should be given from nearest officials working to nearest post office only. And so as inconvenience causing to the officials can be avoided.

5. Space (area) problem of Sangvi po:-
It is brought to your kind notice that existing area of Sangvi PO is very short and congested for functioning of regular work. For installing Computer/Hardware there is no sufficient and minimum required space at this PO. It is requested to examine the acute area and space of Sangvi PO and decide on the issue of computerization, arrangement of sufficient place of this PO for smooth functioning of computer and regular work.

6. Problem of Dighi Camp SPM posting order:-
Posting and transfer order of LSG SPM Dighi Camp PO is completely irregular. The posting of SPM post should be from senior most officials working at present in Dighi Camp PO unwilling and junior officials Smt.V.P.Bidkar should not be ordered to work as LSG SPM Dighi Camp PO. Instead of posting of any one from BCR officials from the other offices.

7. Drinking water problem of Pune HO: -
Repairing of water cooler of Pune H O since last two year water cooler is not in working condition. And also provide drinking water tank in every branch of Pune H O.

8. Reconsideration sweeping and wet sweeping charges to NIBM PO: -
In NIBM PO a sweeper not doing his duty properly, which effect bad smelling in PO due to incomplete work by the sweeper.

9. Drinking water problem of Hadapsar I E: -
Since last four or five year drinking water is not available in Hadapsar I E PO.